IPE Faculty Resources


Who Are We

The University of Washington’s Center for Health Sciences Interprofessional Education, Research and Practice is dedicated to creating an atmosphere of openness and commitment to furthering collaboration between the different health care professions. The Center’s core faculty and staff are multidisciplinary health sciences faculty and clinicians from Dentistry, MEDEX, Medicine, Nursing, and Pharmacy who are passionate about advancing interprofessional communication to improve patient safety and quality improvement in healthcare.


Created in 1997 with funds from the University of Washington Initiative Fund and expanded in 2002 with funding from The Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation, the Center’s original goal was to provide educational opportunities for students to learn means of interprofessional practice and to be prepared to take their places in current and future healthcare systems.

In 2010 the Center merged resources with several other interprofessional initiatives being funded at the University to form a collaborative for not only educating students, but for educating faculty to be future leaders and facilitators in interprofessional education, as well.

Purpose of This Site

This website is intended to be a resource for faculty and clinical educators and students.

For faculty and clinical educators: Online modules teach the latest technologies and techniques for designing and enhancing an e-learning course, designing and implementing simulation in your curriculum, using telehealth to enhance communication, using informatics to manage and communicate data, learning team communication strategies and more.

For students:  Learn more about interprofessional learning and research opportunities at the University of Washington, including current courses, upcoming training activities, the University's IHI Open School Chapter for patient safety and quality improvement, and the Center's upcoming events.