FUSE Program

In 2013, WISH launched a year-long internship program offered to University of Washington undergraduates known as the FUSE Program. FUSE stands for Fundamental Undergraduate Simulation Experience.

Interns in this program will have opportunities to explore WISH operations, research, curriculum development, and day-to-day training sessions, with the intention of augmenting students’ undergraduate experience while also assisting WISH in these core areas.

Examples of the students’ learning objectives in this program include:

  • Developing keen understanding of medical simulation, as it pertains to cognitive, psychomotor, and communication trainings for a wide array of healthcare professionals;
  • Learning techniques for internal information management geared to support a high-volume training and research environment;
  • Understanding curriculum development for simulation trainings, from the inception of an idea through production of curriculum; curricula exist in numerous formats including formal written publications, online training modules, and more;
  • Acquiring administrative skills within a professional office environment;
  • Conducting scientific literature reviews;
  • Developing competency around content management for WISH's online presence;
  • Increasing knowledge of medical terminology.

For additional information about the FUSE Program, and for application inquiries, please contact Megan Sherman (shermm@uw.edu).