Course List

Complete List of WISH Courses

ACLS for Anesthesiology
Anesthesia CT Fellow AirSim Skills Training
Anesthesia New Resident
Anesthesia R2 AirSim Skills Training
Anesthesia R3 TEE Skills Training
Anesthesia R4 TEE Skills Training
Anesthesia Resident Lecture
Anesthesia Resident Orientation
Anesthesia Resident Simulation Training
Anesthesia Resident Skills Training
Anesthesia Resident TEE Skills Training
Anesthesiology Procedure Training
Cardiac Anesthesiology
CRNA Training
Medical Student Anesthesiology Demonstration
Medical Students Intro to Anesthesia
OSCE Resident Course
Pediatric Anesthesiology


Boise Central Line Testing
Boise Code Carnival
Boise Medical Student Boot Camp
Boise Medical Student Simulation Training
Boise Medical Student Skills Training
Boise Mock Code Training
Boise Nursing Simulation Testing
Boise Nursing Simulation Training
Boise Nursing Skills Training
Boise Nursing Unit Competency Training
Boise Nursing/LIP/Physician Skills Training
Boise Resident Simulation Training
Boise Resident Skills Training
Boise Simulation Demonstration
Boise Supervisory/Admin Simulation Testing
Distance Advanced Airway Course
Distance Airway Course
Distance Central Line Training


Capstone Anesthesia Skills
Capstone OB/GYN TeamBITS Stimulation
Capstone OBGYN Skills
Capstone OBGYN Skills for Family Medicine
Capstone Pediatrics TeamBITS Simulation
Capstone Second Year Didactic – Team Communication
Capstone Second Year Skills Station
Capstone Second Year Skills Stationg
Capstone TeamBITS Simulation Medley

Clinical Education
ClinEd: 6MB Staff Course
ClinEd: Acute Care Skills Day
ClinEd: Advanced Trauma Care
ClinEd: APA Skills Day
ClinEd: Burn Core
ClinEd: CC PCC & ECG
ClinEd: CPIClinEd: Critical Care Skills Day
ClinEd: CRRT
ClinEd: CSO Orientation
ClinEd: End of Life Core
ClinEd: ENPC
ClinEd: HA
ClinEd: IABP
ClinEd: ICU CC Standards
ClinEd: Lift Practice
ClinEd: MCICU Skills Day
ClinEd: New Grads
ClinEd: Ortho Trauma Care
ClinEd: PA
ClinEd: Peri-Ops Training
ClinEd: Preceptor Workshop
ClinEd: Progressive Care Telemetry
ClinEd: Pulmonary
ClinEd: Radiology Skills Workshop
ClinEd: Respiratory Core
ClinEd: Sedation Core
ClinEd: Spine Day
ClinEd: Stroke
ClinEd: TNCC
ClinEd: Urgent Changes
ClinEd: Vascular Access

Clinical Engineering
Clinical Engineering: Ventilator Training

CTC  (Community Training Center)
ACLS Renewal
CTC ACLS for New Provider
CTC ACLS Instructor Training
CTC BLS Training
ECG and Pharmacology Training

CVC Testing
CVC Training

Dental Resident Training

ELearning: Hemostasis
ELearning: Instrument Handling
ELearning: Knot Tying
ELearning: Wound Closure I
ELearning: Wound Closure II

Emergency Medicine
ACLS for Emergency Medicine
ARNP Suture Workshop
Emergency Medicine Medical Student Training
Emergency Medicine Resident Orientation
Emergency Medicine Resident PALS Training
Emergency Medicine Resident Skills Training
Emergency Medicine Skills Training
Medical Student Intro to Emergency Medicine

Family Medicine
Family Medicine Resident Skills Training
Family Medicine Skills Training

Gastroenterology Medical Student Skills Course
Gastroenterology Resident Skills Course

Global Health
PRONTO Simulation Workshop

HMC In-Situ Training

Internal Medicine
Internal Medicine Resident Skills Course
Internal Medicine Skills Training

Interprofessional Education and Practice / WISH
FLS Testing
Interprofessional Student Simulation
WISH AHRQ Pre-Training
WISH AHRQ Simulation Assessment
WISH Community Outreach
WISH HMC ED Mock Code (In-Situ)
WISH HMC Mock Code (In-Situ)
WISH Seattle Children’s Simulation (In-Situ)
WISH UWMC Code Blue Transition Training
WISH UWMC Mock Code (In-Situ)
New Resident TeamSTEPPS Orientation
TeamSTEPPS Training

MEDEX: Airway Skills Training
MEDEX: Intro to the OR
MEDEX: Simulation Training Exercise
MEDEX: Skills Training

Medic Skills Training

Renal Biopsy Simulation

Neurological Surgery
Neurosurgery Resident Training

Neonatal Resuscitation Program
Neonatal Resuscitation Program – Instructor Training
Neonatal Resuscitation Program – Provider
Neonatal Resuscitation Program – Renewal
Neonatal Transport Resuscitation

BICU Retreat Skills Workshop
Heart Center Nurse Training
ICU Nurse Skills Training
MIC Nurse Skills Training
NICU Nurse Skills Training
Nurse New Grad Symposium
Nurse Skills Training
Nursing Mentor Program
Nursing Student Skills Training
OB Nurse Skills Training
OR Nurse Simulation Training
PACU Nurse Simulation Training
Resource Team Nurse Simulation Training

Obstetrics and Gynecology
OB/GYN Faculty Training
OB/GYN Medical Student Orientation
OB/GYN Medical Student Skills Lab
OB/GYN Nurse Midwives Skills Training
OB/GYN Resident AHRQ Team Training
OB/GYN Resident Simulation Training
OB/GYN Resident Skills Training

Ophthalmic Microsurgery & Suturing PGY-2
Ophthalmic Microsurgery & Suturing PGY-3
Ophthalmological Haptic Simulator Training
Ophthalmology Skills Training – Cadaver
Ophthalmology: Industry Course
Ophthalmology: Orbital Dissection

Orthopaedics Physician Skills Training
Orthopaedics Resident Lecture Series
Orthopaedics Resident Skills Training
Orthopaedics Skills Training

Introduction to Airway for Otolaryngology
Otolaryngology Skills training
Otolaryngology Resident Skills Training

Pediatric Fellow Anesthesia Skills Training
Pediatric Resident (R1) Introduction to Anesthesia
Pediatric Resident (R2) Anesthesia Skills Training
Pediatric Resident (R3) Anesthesia Skills Training
Pediatric Resident Neonatal Mock Resuscitation

Plastic Surgery
Microsurgery Lab
Plastic Surgery Skills Training

Patient Safety Innovations Project
PSIP ED Simulation Training

Pulmonary and Critical Care
Advanced Airway for Pulmonary Medicine
Pulmonary/Critical Care Skills Training

Radiology Skills Testing
Radiology Skills Training

Rehabilitation Medicine
Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

Respiratory Care
Respiratory Therapy Skills Training

School of Medicine
Medical Student GI Simulation Training
Medical Student Intubation Workshop
Medical Student Simulation – Integrated Case Management

CVES Training for Surgery Residents
Medical Students Intro to Surgery Skills
Surgery Intern Surgical Competencies Certification
Surgery PALS Training
Surgery Resident Laparoscopic Top Gun
Surgery Resident Skills Training
Surgery Skills Training
Vascular Surgery Skills Training

Urology Resident Boot Camp
Urology Resident Skills Training

Vascular Surgery
Vascular Surgery Industry Course
Vascular Surgery Skills Training

Da Vinci Robotic Skills
da Vinci Robotic Skills Training