Training Highlight: Introduction to Clinical Medicine

Second year students in the UW School of Medicine gathered last Tuesday for a course supported by the Institute for Simulation and Interprofessional Studies.  The class, Introduction to Clinical Medicine (ICM 2), was coordinated by Dr. Karen McDonough, Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine.

For many students, the course provided new experiences in conducting patient and family member interviews, taking medical histories, performing physical exams on simulated patients, and creating differential diagnoses. The students were divided into smaller groups that rotated between adult manikins, pediatric manikins, and standardized patient actors. The Institute offered support by providing equipment and technicians for the training.

In each scenario, one group of students examined and interviewed the patient, another created a differential diagnosis, and a third evaluated the performance of both active groups. Each session ended with a follow-up discussion led by the instructor that reflected on the positives and areas for improvement for the exam and diagnostic teams.  Teaching points touched on multitasking in a hospital setting, communicating information with problem representation statements, and managing time constraints.

The use of simulation in ICM 2 is one of many examples of how the Institute supports medical education across a broad range of learner levels, in this case for from second year medical students.  

Second year UW School of Medicine students break down the differential diagnosis process during ICM 2





















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