SIMwars: Competition in Simulation

On September 29-30th, 2014 the UW Medicine EMS & Trauma conference was hosted by UW Medicine at the Sheraton Seattle Hotel. As part of the second day of activities, the Institute for Simulation and Interprofessional Studies and UW Medicine collaborated to host the breakout session called Trauma SimWars: Training Interprofessional Teamwork and Communication.

SimWars occur nationwide at hospitals and conferences. They are trauma simulation competitions that focus on developing team communication and emergency medicine skills. Participants in this Trauma SimWars worked through a simulation in front of a panel of judges who provided feedback on their performance and communication. In this case, the trauma teams had to treat a patient who was the victim of an industrial fire, presenting with burns and other complications.

With Dr. Rose Fernandez from the UW’s Division of Emergency Medicine facilitating, interprofessional teams had to provide appropriate treatment while also maintaining clear communication between team members. Though it was a competition, there were only winners as teams received valuable feedback from judges Dr. Jamie Shandro and Dr. Brian Ross, Executive Director of the Institute.


SimMan3G, altered below, to present as a trauma patient with signifcant burns. 

















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