The Institute for Simulation and Interprofessional Studies Training Highlight: OB Skills for Family Medicine Residents

One of the many departments that works closely with the Institute is the Department of Family Medicine. Under the supervision of Dr. Justin Osborn, Assistant Professor and Associate Director of the UW Family Medicine Residency Program, residents in this department train in the Institute to manage a wide range of emergencies. An example of one such training which recently occurred was geared toward first year residents and focused on postpartum hemorrhage and shoulder dystocia.

This training began with a didactic component, overviewing pertinent information about possible complications during delivery. Residents were taught how to assess and manage such complications. With the help of Laerdal’s PROMPT Birthing Simulator, residents received hands-on-training that allowed them to target key skills for obstetric care. In addition to these topics listed above, residents in Family Medicine learn skills in the Institute such as Perineal Repair, Vacuum Delivery, Lumbar Puncture, Thoracentesis, and Central Venous Catheter Placement.


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