The Institute for Simulation and Interprofessional Studies Training Highlight: Mock Code Interprofessional Training

The Institute for Simulation and Interprofessional Studies hosts numerous interprofessional training sessions involving healthcare providers from a diverse array of backgrounds. One such course is the Institute's mock “code blue” training which exemplifies an interprofessional training as it involves physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and an array of other healthcare professionals, all training together in a collaborative environment.

This training begins with a didactic session, which encompasses an overview of the psychomotor and communication techniques to be utilized in the scenario. This is followed by a series of practice sessions in the Institute’s “Virtual OR,” using the SimMan® 3G manikin to simulate a “code blue” scenario. In this case, "code blue" scenarios refer to situations in which a patient requires immediate medical attention, most often resulting from respiratory or cardiac arrest.

During the mock code trainings, participants focus on the medical management of the simulated patient, SimMan® 3G*, while also practicing communication between responders and maintaining a calm environment. At the end of each simulation, two forms of debriefing sessions occur: a quick recap in the “Virtual OR” and a longer debrief during which participants watch themselves on a recorded video. During the debriefs, learners walk through the sequence of actions to determine what went well and what could have been improved upon to increase patient safety, response time, and quality of care. The video recordings offer learners the opportunity to critically view how they responded in each scenario. Consequently, debriefing sessions are an additional learning opportunity for trainees, increasing their readiness for codes with real patients.

 *SimMan® 3G is a sophisticated manikin in this scenario, as he is able to provide vital feedback in evaluating both ventilations and compressions.  Using sensors and computer software, SimMan® 3G is able to provide data on the placement of the Endotracheal Tube, volume and rate of ventilations, as well as depth and rate of compressions.  This data is crucial to determining the caliber of CPR, allowing medical personnel to make corrections if necessary.  

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