The Institute for Simulation and Interprofessional Studies Innovation Highlight: The DeepCav Simulator

The Institute for Simulation and Interprofessional Studies fosters an environment where innovation on all levels is encouraged and supported through the collaboration efforts of staff and faculty. A prime example is striving for excellence in meeting the unique needs of every single learner that walks through the front doors of the Institute. This past year, a fourth year urology resident came to the Institute with the intention of practicing deep cavity surgical skills. An Institute technician conducted an intensive search to provide the resident with a simulator to fit this request but came up empty handed. Instead of relenting, the technician decided to create a new simulator specifically designed for practicing deep cavity surgical skills. 

After developing several versions, the technician along with the assistance of a slew of experts, constructed the most advanced version yet, and hence the DeepCav was born. This simulator showcases an impressive low-cost design that is user-friendly and extremely effective. Additionally it is an easily adaptable task trainer, allowing the simulator to be inclined and the depth of the cavity altered to create customized scenarios. The DeepCav simulator further demonstrates one of the many ways in which the Institute constantly evolves to meet the distinct needs of the UW Medicine community.

A group of Institute trainees utilize the DeepCav below as part of a multiday Urology Course 

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