The Institute for Simulation and Interprofessional Studies Project Highlight: EventDoc TM

Medical errors which result in patient fatalities can arise from inconsistencies and omissions in documentation, especially during emergency procedures. With numerous individuals responding to these emergencies, paper documentation occasionally becomes misplaced. One way the Institute has responded to this problem has been through the creation of the EventDocTM system led by Dr. Brian Ross, the Institute’s Executive Director.

With funding from the Department of Defense, this project has developed an application that can electronically document emergency procedures. Featuring an intuitive interface design, the system is able to visually show the timeline of medications administered and ordered, the duration of dosages, the arrival of certain personnel, and much more. Along with notations, this application can also record audio and allow for users to edit the original notations after an event. EventDocTM is another example of how the Institute is working to improve patient care and safety. 



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